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Plain Pasta

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Plain Pasta is tiny menu bar app that filters out any styled text on your clipboard, leaving just plain text in its place.

Essentially, this makes Paste and Match Style the default behavior when copy/pasting.


Without Plain Pasta

A screen recording of text and style being copy/pasted
Copy/Pasting styled text takes both the text and the styling with it

With Plain Pasta

A screen recording of text being copy/pasted without its styling
Copy/Pasting styled text with Plain Pasta enabled only pastes the text itself, no styling


I made this app because I rarely want styling to be copied to my clipboard. When I copy text, all I want is the text.


Plain Pasta was developed by Isaac Halvorson, a software developer from Minneapolis, MN.


Download the most recent version of Plain Pasta from the App Store. The code is open source, and available on GitHub.


Plain Pasta is there for you whenever you need it.